1. SC063-5 RED

    SC063-5 RED

  2. New MP161-5 RED

    MP161-5 RED

  3. New MF173-5 RED

    MF173-5 RED

  4. SM159-5 RED

    SM159-5 RED

  5. New MSP9016-5 MAROON

    MSP9016-5 MAROON


    specially developed insole with contour that shapes itself

    Light-weight sole for soften step, alleviate stress on the joints, and help propel the foot forward, making every MEDIFEET shoe feel like the best health footwear.

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  6. New MC139-5 RED

    MC139-5 RED

  7. New MP164-5 RED

    MP164-5 RED

  8. New MP169-65 RED

    MP169-65 RED

  9. SC023-5 RED

    SC023-5 RED

  10. New SM1021-5 RED

    SM1021-5 RED

    Comfortable wedges Learn More